Beyond a Conceptual Framework of Oppression and Resistance: Creativity, Religion, and the Internet in China


In "Religion and Media in China: Insights and Case Studies from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong," edited by Stefania Travagnin. Routledge. Link


How much is your data worth to tech companies? Lawmakers want to tell you, but it’s not that easy to calculate

The Conversation, 2019 

"The DASHBOARD Act aims to make the business of data more transparent and empower users. However, I believe that it will fail to fulfill this promise. If lawmakers want to tackle data privacy, they need to regulate not just data monetization, but more widely address the value and cost of data in people’s lives.?" Link

Critiquing Big Data in China and Beyond

Platybus, 2019

"My intention in this blog is not to demonize data applications as a whole, but to point out the need for a discussion of their conditions and ramifications. In the context of algorithmic decision-making, who gets to see what? What connections are made and which are canceled? And, perhaps most importantly, who gets to be in charge of these decisions?" Link

Building a Bridge Between Innovation and Ethics in Data Science

Data Science News, 2019

"I encourage students to think about the perspectives, ambitions and assumptions that made the production of their data possible as well as consider those that were left out. Ideally, what comes out of this engagement, is the realization that data sets contain histories, biases, or inequalities that have consequences—not just for their work but also for the lives of others." Link